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Take advantage of our special event BBQ's for your get-togethers.
  • July 1st - Canada Day Bike Parade, Childrens games and refreshments with Fireworks at dusk
  • Call for details on dates for our Halloween Celebration, Pirate Days, and Thanksgiving Dinner

On Site Amenities
  • Local Artists Gallery
  • Full Service Breakfast and Lunch in our restaurant, with french baking
  • Boat launch, tackle and bait. As well as docking.
Within 5 mi
  • LCBO Outlet
  • Smoked Fish
  • Diesel, Gas & Propane
  • Batchawana and Pancake Provincial Parks
  • Sit down licensed restaurants are only 5-10 minutes away with Canadian or German cuisine


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Marshmallows - For those star-lit nights around the campfire

Your Sense of Wonder - Enjoy the most dramatic and picturesque coast of Lake Superior from sand beaches, craggy cliffs to pebbled secluded coves. Sandy Island offers historic sunken treasures dating back to 1898 and Batchawana Island where a Hudson's Bay Post was located from 1812 - 1870.

Painting Supplies - Sit atop hills and see the view that inspired artists such as Paul Kane and the Group of Seven painters such as A.Y. Jackson, Lawren Harris and J.E.H MacDonald.

Camera - Canoe, walk or kayak the route of the well known McGuffins and see how the waters of Superior have a thousand faces. How her surface can be a sheet of glass reflecting a fiery sunset or a wild and rolling sea. Capture the migratin birds, ducks, geese, osprey, hawks, eagles and herons that nest in this area. Watch for moose, bears, fox and timber wolves. Don't forget our painted turtles in our pond too!

ATV's - Explore hundreds of miles of abandoned logging and mining roads leading deep into the wilderness. Quiet inland lakes echoing the call of the loon or beautiful falls on the Pancake, Chippewa, Sand and Batchewana rivers are just a few miles away.

Fishing Boats and Tackle - Try your hand at reeling in trophy Northern Pike up to 50" long. Salmon, rainbow (steelhead), trout, bass and walleye in May, June and September. We encourage catch and release to ensure your children and grandchildren can have the opportunity to fish in the future.

Hiking Boots - Hike along Batchewana Beach Provincial Park or many other old roads and trails from our door. Stop at many scenic trails along Hwy 17 north. Superior Provincial Parks 11 trails or 2 in Pancake Provincial Park both offer a wide variety of skill, length and difficulty trails. Remember to watch for slippery rocks!

Canoe or Kayak - Run world class canoeing rivers such as the Sand and Batchewana River.

Courage - Local instructors will teach rock climbing and rappelling.

Riding Boots - 20 minutes brings you to horseback riding through wooded scenic trails.

Golf Clubs and Tennis Rackets - 40 minutes away is the city of Sault Ste. Marie which offers many prestigious golf courses such as "Crimson Ridge" (which ranks in the top 50 in Ontario). Tennis courts are also scattered around the city.


Sault Ste. Marie

Don't forget our beautiful fall colors when our resort is alive with
vibrant reds and yellows, and cool crisp air.